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Our Focus

As an RBC Centre tenant, you deserve a business environment that lives up to your high expectations. You're choice of RBC Centre as your place of business makes a strong statement about your priorities and your view of the future. As building managers, our daily objective is to do everything possible to live up to those expectations and provide an environment of the highest quality. We understand that when you arrive each morning, your primary focus is on the busy day ahead. Our focus is on creating the most predictably efficient, comfortable, sustainable and professional environment possible.
While we strive for perfection each day, we also realize that sometimes things do happen. So if you do notice something out of place or in need of attention, please don't hesitate to call one of us.
We're here to help.


Michael Manuel
General Manager
T: 416 649-5128

Meghan Case
Property Manager
T: 416 649-5130


Paul Reinholz
Senior Operations Manager
T: 416 649-5129

  Rogerio de Paiva
Manager, Security & Life Safety
T: 416 649-5131


John Knechtel 
Vice President, Leasing
T:  416 869-2285