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Close and Convenient

With RBC Centre retail ready to meet your banking and insurance needs, as well as provide you with your morning latte and favourite newspaper, it seems we have the basics covered. But that's not all. With The Shore Club, RBC Centre is home to one of Canada's most sophisticated lunch and dinner destinations.

And, via the PATH connection to Simcoe Place, the tenants of RBC Centre have easy and welcoming access to Simcoe Place's remixed and renovated Food Court and retail area. The Food Court, with its 20 food retailers and comfortable seating for 650, combined with Simcoe Place's ground floor food outlets and restaurants, provides RBC Centre tenants with next door convenience and almost unlimited variety.

In addition, Simcoe Place's retail areas on both the concourse and ground level provide RBC Centre tenants with a host of services as well as a top-of-the-line fitness club.    

RBC Centre amenities. Close and convenient.

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