Expecting the Best

Our most important task as property manager for RBC Centre is to create an environment that is predictably exceptional each and every day. That means doing everything possible to ensure that your day begins and ends on a positive note.  After all, from the moment you arrive each morning, your focus is exactly where it should be. On the busy day ahead, not on your space.

Our focus is on creating an environment that is first rate, comfortable and always professional. Our tenants are demanding, and rightfully so. They expect quality and we do our very best to provide it. It’s also our job as Manager of the complex to keep the RBC Centre community fully informed about all relevant RBC Centre news and events as well as interesting offerings in the neighbourhood.  

So, if you can't find what you're looking for on this page or just have a question or comment about how we're doing, please call us at 1-800-665-1000 or cfconnect@cadillacfairview.com.  We're here to help.

 RBC Centre Tenant Welcome Brochure 

Occupant Engagement 

PATH & Park Walking Maps

To encourage the RBC Centre Community to engage in workplace walking programs, a PATH Walking Map has been created that includes recommended walking routes in the PATH along with steps taken, duration, and distance for each route. To encourage employees to get exercise and get outside for fresh air during the warmer months, there is also a Park Walking Map that highlights parks within a ten and twenty-minute walk of RBC Centre. 

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